Think of THIS Instead!!

tribe-2 Hello T.R.I.B.E. Friends and Fellow Travelers,

Almost a decade ago I entered into an intense learning cycle that involved facing some of my deepest fears. (Spoiler alert- I made it over ūüėĀ).
This is of interest because there really is something to be said for getting brave and plunging into places we have avoided, IF we are able to stay connected to our deeper truth and our super powers while on the journey.
It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.
This is the ¬†essence of the Hero’s/ Heroine’s Journey Joseph Campbell teaches about. The pitfalls we encounter along the way…are almost laughable from the other side of the scary ravine we have conquered.
We are in a pretty tumultuous time right now on Planet Earth, and I suggest that the tools that are required for navigating what often feels like madness, come from taking that depth journey within. Paramahansa Yogananda said “Pick a Path, ANY Path, and go deeper”. Jesus says “The TRUTH will set you free”. And it always does.
I would like to share a technique with you, from the wisdom of Emmett Fox, my favorite teacher of what is called New Thought. He calls this The Golden Key.
Here it is:
When you are facing any difficult situation or circumstance, rather than struggling through the intricacies of the “problem”…Think of God instead.
That’s it!
You might call God The Universe, or your Higher Power, Jesus, Great Spirit, The Tao, Buddha or Mohammad…but the point is to get beyond personality and debate, and think of this force that breathes us instead.
I find that the Arts…singing, dancing, painting, composing, writing, photography, spiritual gardening…also add BEAUTY to the mix, and connect us to something eternal. And beauty is an elixir for despair. The Native American Beauty Path has recognized this for Millenia. Walk…with beauty.
The hermetic abstract expressionist painter Alice Martin said ¬†it this way: “Beauty is the Mystery of Life”.
I agree beauties.
So…Try it!
It works.
Stay strong:)
Think of God instead.
Peace out… and love,
P.S. You can access some spiritual practises and ideas from the world’s religions in my book- The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality. And, as Ram Dass reminds us- “We are all just walking each other home.”
xoxoxoxo  J

Me Too…too

Jane BookJaneHeadshotClassMe Too…too

I was raised to defer to men.
I learned that lesson well, as did so many women I know.
We are the ones who behaved as nice friendly girls in the company of men, long after we had become adult women.
This way of navigating the world is a skill set that comes as second nature to many professional women…and is not one that we learn in MBA or Conservatory programs.  It is a way of being taught to us by other women, by television and film and advertising norms, by fashion magazines.

I can say ‚ÄúMe too‚ÄĚ a hundred times, and many of you can too‚Ķ
Right now we are in the middle of a giant cultural shift, and a collective voice is beginning to emerge. Some of us are hearing our own voices again for the first time in many years!

And that voice is connected to our soul. We are retrieving our souls.

The process of soul retrieval is one that shamans have enacted through ceremony, and the idea is to call us back from the false self…through the personas that we have thought we needed, and back to our original life path.
Think of the process of soul retrieval using the 12-Steps as a kind of lock system…like large boats utilize as they navigate an elevation.
If you have ever seen this amazing process, you know that the final body of water the boat is going to join seems impossible to reach at the start. But the lock system slowly fills up the section supporting the boat at one level, and section- by- section, the boat rises…fully supported by water…until it easily sails into the higher body of water.

‚ÄúThe 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are an authentic spiritual path. They are an organic, developmental healing process, a series of inner moves, first discovered by a group of hopeless drunks in the mid-20th¬†Century United States, who became the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous They have evolved to become a part of a much larger cultural/spiritual shift, and have birthed a kind of 12-Step Nation.‚ÄĚ
(The Gateways- pg xiii)

The Gateways adds to the process of 12-Step spiritual work, many Inter-Spiritual Body/Mind/Spirit tools for practicing that spirituality individually or in community.
I hope you will find power and healing in this system if you are seeking to retrieve the deep and resonant sound of your own soul’s voice.

From victimhood and identity theft, to reintegration and full expression…filling in the empty spaces one step at a time.
Welcome home!

Happy to be on the journey with you.


You can find The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality- Dynamic Practices that Work (Sacred Stories Publishing 2016) on, through SacredStories, and other online Booksellers Worldwidetribe-2

Big Mistake on Page Fifty-nine!!!

I wrote a book- The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality Dynamic Practices that Work

It took me 3 full years to write and format the book, and a large investment of money, hours and hours of time, passion, heart, soul and hard work…major hard work.

My book was picked up by a wonderful publisher, and launched in September of 2016. What an exciting time that was!!  I was a nervous wreck and had a panic attack trying to figure out how to do a podcast.

The Gateways is not targeted at people recovering from addiction so much as those of us who missed some developmental steps along the way, and are always trying to fill those in. ¬†It does use the wisdom of the 12-Steps as a wonderful infrastructure/ladder for anchoring our internal structures. My first inspiration in this idea came from my years of studying Early Childhood Education, and the trailblazing work in developmental psychology, of Jean Piaget, and I have been working with these ideas ever since. ¬†You see, I am one of those people who had some filling-in of the infrastructure to accomplish in order for me to really contribute. ¬†So this book is about tools I used to support my journey home…to myself, in the hope that some of those will work for you too.

I have received many interesting comments and questions about The Gateways over this year, ¬†but one that really woke me up was from someone who lit into a list of typos she found…some of which were actually typos and some that were not.

But one of them really bothered/bothers me. One of my absolutely favorite quotes is MIS-ATTRIBUTED on Page 59!! I have no idea how this slid by our myriad edits, but the truth is, it happened.

I will tell you what it is in a second, but this whole situation has really brought forth so much great learning for me…and here is the big take away:

Shame is toxic, freaking out over mistakes …especially typos- is ridiculous, and sometimes pointing out these things allows others to do as we have done…BE HUMAN!! Also, one of my favorite lessons from the wise ones in my life is this: “We grow stronger in the broken places.”

So how about that? Where do you feel broken and maybe unable to just say it, admit it, even flaunt it? What are you hiding about yourself because you feel that if that secret you are carrying were known, you would lose credibility or love or approval?

The funny thing is that my book is so full of Inter-spiritual, psycho-spiritual tools and wisdom and humor and beauty…and the promotion of it has in some ways almost made me forget the miracle of my giving birth to it!! ¬†So I am glad this “mistake” conversation arose!!

The challenge of creating any thesis that pushes the conversation about spirituality/religion, psychology/holistic healing forward, is that every new idea threatens the status quo. ¬†But thank God for the dreamers and visionaries!! We need to keep moving and to live the lives WE are created to live…not a carbon copy of somebody else’s dream.

And creating can be messy! Actually, it is by definition -birthing something out of nothing- and that is…well, MESSY!!

So as this very strange and challenging year draws to a close, my wish for you…for all of you- is to make LOTS OF MISTAKES in the service of a Big Vision.¬† And while you are creating, see what grows stronger in that place where the break happened…the one where you got fired, or broke up with somebody or …you know …the big stuff we all deal with in life. But really…the VISION is the thing…Jump into the vision!!! We so need your beautiful voice. Let me say this again:¬†WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!!

Ready for the quote? ¬†It is, as I have said, one of my FAVORITES!!! It is by T.S. Eliot, NOT W.H. Auden Whew…Both great writers…but this one is by Mr. Eliot…in the green colored box at the bottom right of Page 59…final quote of three:

“We shall not cease from exploration, and in the end of all our exploring we will arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Isn’t that so fantastic? It really speaks to the spiral growth we engage as we journey deeper into the not obvious truths. And it affirms the journey of exploration while at the same time, reminding us that the real journey is home…to ourselves, and to truths hidden in plain sight. Just LOVE this idea!!

I honestly thank the person who took the time to go through my work so carefully and point this HUGE mis- attribution to me. I am honored that they are interested enough in the work to look for inconsistencies, and then to help me to think about these things.

Happy New Year T.R.I.B.E. friends and fellow travelers. Please check out the work on My plan is to create a rich and inspirational resource for you at that address. As Ram Dass reminds us “We are all just walking each other home.”

So happy to be on that journey with you.

With love,



How to have more in a have not world…create it!!!

The world seems to be going a bit mad these days.

This is not a political observation. It is way bigger than that. For a variety of reasons, some of which we are aware and many of which we aren’t, a huge tumult has come upon our systems, ¬†our planet and our communities, and much that has been hidden is coming to light. Traumas small and large are being stimulated by some of this breaking loose of old material, and when we are “triggered” as humans, we sometimes forget the amazing powers of co-creation we possess…the power of a WORD fitly spoken.

The bible tells us that the WORD becomes flesh. Metaphysically speaking, we know that even thoughts are things, and that words are an out picturing of our thoughts. What we tell ourselves resonates at the cellular level to create a vibratory force field that in fact becomes OUR WORLD. What you think, matters. What you say MATTERS. Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, and verbally repeating old traumas convinces our inner selves that it is happening all over again in the here and now, and perpetrates our trauma on those we tell about it.

I want to suggest some power words to you that you can use to change your experience, and those of our world. If you keep repeating what you don’t want, that is what you are re-creating believe it or not! ¬†Are you up for trying ? Ok, ready?

Here are 10 words to build a beautiful tomorrow: Healing, Wholeness, Good, Strong, Exciting, Creative, Funny, Inspirational, Abundant, Enthusiastic.

See if you can use these words at least once a day for a week. It is really hard to talk about awfulness when you use empowering words, and once you discover how much better you feel…you might add them to your vocabulary permanently.

Ok? Are you up for it? ¬†Let’s go for it!!! ¬†We can create this thing one power thought, word and vision at a time!! ¬†Let me know how it goes.,,…all places to discover some cool ideas.

And while you are at it, check out my new book too!! The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality./ Sacredstoriespublishing 2016. ¬†You can get it on Amazon, and learn so many tools for changing the vibe you won’t believe it. Actually, if you want to get at the stuff that is holding you back, understand it and let it go for good, you need The Gateways. It’s a Wellness approach to the deep work that is actually fun.

OK!!! Let’s change the world! ¬†Power up!!

Sending love from the quantum field,





Hello Out There!!!


Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends!!

It is my GREAT PLEASURE to invite you all to take a look at the work I have been completing for the past three years …Well I have been developing it for way longer than that, but the actual writing and compiling of this work has taken three years of steady writing, editing, physical therapy from sitting too long,

Please take a look at the GoFundMe Link below, and if you are able, make a donation.

Can’t wait to see you all at some Book Signing or Teaching event in your city SOON

With love and appreciation across the quantum field.



I Forgive You


Dear T.R.I.B.E. friends,

‚ÄúI forgive you. You took something very precious away from me. I will never get to talk to her ever again. I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you, and have mercy on your soul. ‚Ķ You hurt me. You hurt a lot of people. If God forgives you, I forgive you.‚ÄĚ

These words, and the deep conviction underlying them, changed a nation. They surely changed me. In a moment of unfathomable pain and loss, the daughter of 87 year old Ethel Lance was able to show us all that forgiveness is a spiritual principal that does NOT presuppose an absence of pain, but rather frees the person wronged, to continue to live.

The spiritual maturity of this woman, this suffering daughter, was missed by so many. Her forgiveness was not facile, nor was it letting the perpetrator off the hook. Her deep conviction and forceful insistence upon forgiving gave the responsibility back to the person who caused the pain, and the ultimate rectification to God. To miss the astonishing power of this teaching is to miss a lot.

A speaker at the 80th Birthday celebration for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, held in Anaheim, CA this last week, in dialogue with His Holiness and other Nobel Laureates, made the point clear that Compassion without Wisdom is futile. Seeking deeper understanding of our own and others’ emotional motivations, reconnecting to the wisdom of nature, studying and learning and most of all, ACTING in the interest of the elimination of nuclear weapons, and to level the playing fields in education and economics, is the definition of Empowered Compassion.

And most important of all, the message of two days of dialogues with wise ones, is that if you are utilizing “enlightenment” in a way to simply serve yourself, it is not enlightenment, but narcissism.

Thank you Nadine Collier, for showing a nation a living example of the cost and the power of empowered compassion. Thank you His Holiness, for your searing intelligence and dedication to your own daily practice.

“Anyone can whistle, that’s what they say, easy. Anyone can whistle, any old day, easy…What’s hard is simple, What’s natural comes hard. Maybe you can show me how to let go, lower my guard, learn to be …free. Maybe if you whistle; Whistle for me.”

Stephen Sondheim

#BeginWithin, #WisdomPath #JustDoIt


With love, Jane